Circus Bazaar Productions is a digital media and film production agency with an eye for the political. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway but staffed and connected globally, we exist as an umbrella entity for several film production and media projects. We openly leverage our international network to provide a full range of services to select clients locally and globally.


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Circus Bazaar Productions is film production capable, with several politically sensitive projects currently underway, and a long list of smaller sized projects in production. We run a globally disseminated pool of specialists with broad expertise and experience. We can provide a full range of services for businesses wanting to produce high-quality material for advertising and marketing purposes.

From planning and videography to editing, post production, sound mastering and even animation, we can deliver the same quality we expect for our own projects to you.

Visit the official homepage of the documentary film, "The Serpent in Paradise". Produced by Circus Bazaar Productions, the film will premier in late 2016. Click here


Circus Bazaar Productions heads a network of Journalists, Academics, Artists and Media Productions Specialists from all corners of the globe. Every project we have undertaken has fueled greater expansion in our international network. From Australia, Asia and the Americas back to Africa and Europe we can network our way through various small to medium sized digital media projects with attention to differences in language and culture. Our diversity gives us flexibility and strength in our own projects and can so also for our clients.


Through our projects, we have successfully dealt with extremely challenging journalistic conditions. Our small size and non-affiliation with traditional media has forced us to create unique solutions for sensitive legal and cultural issues. We have built a network of trustful and highly experienced advisors and contacts that see the vision in our projects and are in themselves a potentially valuable resources for clients dealing with similar issues. We can in certain circumstances leverage this network to provided assistance to our clients.


Take advantage of first-class artistic direction to bring your business a unique and custom made brand and identity that won't be forgotten.


Social Media is here to stay. Achieving a seen presence online is essential for any small business to succeed.


A beautiful looking web presence is no longer a large monetary investment for small businesses. We can provide this at very low cost.


We provide beautiful stills photography services for photo-journalism, business or simply personal memories.


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